Wednesday, August 08, 2007

SIt and Go Strategy Thoughts - Big Stacks To The Left of Me, Big Stacks To The Right of Me

... and into the valley of death we go.... (or some other obscure reference!).

Something to think about in Sit and Go Strategy-wise today

Playing a set of SNGs the other day and 2 opponents were fortunate enough to tripple up on the first blind levels... not that unusual really - but this time they were both sat next to me, one was on the left and the other on the right (2 separate games in my set of 6 just to clarify).

The games progressed, neither big-stack seemed overly loose or tight - just your average $20ish SNG opponents... but I was forced to adjust - my medium stack was not in any trouble, noboby was particularly short - but the whereabouts of a big stack at the table (in relation to you) forces you to think harder about where those chips might be coming from....

With the biggy to your left you need to 'get through' this opponent to reach the smaller stacks to his left (to steal blinds and all that good stuff). Difficult situation right? What to do... well my thoughts in these spots is that I need to loosen up my re-raising requirements when the biggy is yet to act (on the basis that he may reraise 1 raiser but would need a real hand to reraise a reraiser....). Sure I am taking on board a little more risk in those middle stages - but come the bubble it is going to be really difficult to chip up - my thought is to take action in the mid-stages to avoid being in an even worse situation later on!

With the biggy to your right things are a little easier (depends on the tendencies of the biggy but that is another post for another day). If this opponent does not play a hand I am in a better position to raise the smaller stacks to my left - plenty of opportunity to chip up here. This is somewhat counter balanced by less walks and having my blinds taken regularly. Again I am forced to take on a little more risk - but this time by raising instead of playing pots with or reraising those to my right...

Of course a +ev play is a +ev play where ever the big and small stacks are - the sit and go strategy thought for today is that if you do not want to be in bubble trouble then the time to adjust to the stack-size dynamic of the table is in the middle stages of that SNG!

GL at the tables, Mark

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