Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sit And Go Strategy - Defining Your Hand Pre-Flop - A Common Error

Have noticed a common and pretty horrible Sit and Go Strategy error happening over at Party lately... wanted to highlight it here as something to think about! It happens at all sites, especially at the lower levels.

Here is what happens, an inexperienced player picks up a monster pre-flop hand and decides to raise.... fine you might say - except they make a real mess of it! Basically what is happening is that people are defining their hand (telling the table what they have) at the same time as giving everyone in the pot exactly the odds that they need to beat them.

This is an example (made up - but very similiar to several examples lately).

Stacks are around 2000 bb = 40, UTG limps, someone in Mid position makes it 120, A caller follows... it gets around to the Big Blind with his monster hand - and he re-raises to 200. Lets have a look at the odds that the 3 opponents are getting with their motley collection of small pairs, suited cards and connectors....

UTG - Has to call 160 to see a pot that will (assuming all call) 820, that is over 5/1, after the call he will have 1800 chips left so we can see that his implied odds (potential payoff for hitting trips for example) adds another 11.5/1....

MP Raiser - Has to call 80 to see a pot of (probably) 820, over 10/1 on this call alone never mind the implied odds of hitting... which are huge.

LP Caller - Likewise...

The guy with the aces in our example made a terrible error by defining his hand and then giving the table the correct odds to outdraw him. In fact even if we could not be so sure of aces this is a mistake... say he had the following range AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK (suited or unsuited) or AQs and made the same raise... here the table would still be correct in calling the mini-reraise with small pairs and suited connectors!

High pairs play best against a single opponent, not out of position in a multi-way pot! Funny thing is that the players who make this kind of error are exactly the ones who will claim that the game is 'rigged' when their precious aces get cracked by a small set of trips!!

GL at the tables, Mark

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1 comment: said...

Yes, I've seent his too, Mark. Som eplayers seem to think that if they minimum raise they will build a larger pot for them to win, trying not to scare anyone out to early. However, by keeping more people in the pot, they just create more opportunity for others to draw out on them. With a big pocket pair it is better strategy to raise big and try to either win the pot right there, or at least reduce the field to heads up.