Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sit and Go Planet V2-A Now Available!

Well, the 'planet' logo may be gone - but the new version of SNG Planet is up! Check out the changes at http://www.sitandgoplanet.com

Idea was that the number of strategy articles was growing and growing - yet the 'old' site had no real organisation to handle it... while the new version has a plain look and feel, it is now ready for the next 100 strategy articles and the next 100 and so on... I'd appreciate feedback (not only on the look / navigation but the subjects you'd like to see) from PG poker readers!

The writing team have been slaving over their keyboards - there are 17 more articles to go up this month alone! On the design side there are some unfinished areas 'blogs' + 'tools' to name 2... these will be reworked over the coming week, as will a few more graphics etc.

Current additions include 'Create your own Steps at Full Tilt Poker', Head-2-Head room reviews (where we match up rooms on different subjects such as 'best for SNGs?' 'Fishiest?' etc + the usual staple diet of SNG / MTT strategy.

Off to see 'The Killers' this evening, back into the normal blogging routine again from tomorrow!

GL at the tables, Mark


Nogatsira said...

Awesome new layout!

Thomas Kennedy said...

Love the new layout. Do you plan to make an RRS feed available for the site?