Saturday, August 11, 2007

PLO Strategy - Consolidated Post...

Busy at the moment, have a guest over from the UK and enjoying Budapest's yearly music festival. This post is the promised consolidation of PLO Strategy and Pot Limit Omaha Sit n Go Strategy posts... just to keep them all in one place.

Before the list of posts a quick ramble about the headliners for the Sziget (Island) Festival last night... what a fantastic show! Probably going to lose many younger readers as this band were at their height in the early to mid 1980's... to set the scene - beers at one pound ($2) a go, 100,000+ people enjoying a sunny day and warm evening... then over the PA comes... "Hey You! Don't Watch That - Watch This... This Is The Heavy Heavy Monster Sound... The Nuttiest Sound Around... " yes indeed - Madness. All the hits, 'Baggy Trousers', 'Night Boat To Cairo', 'Our House' etc etc etc... 2 encores - just amazing!! Going back to the Island for 'The Killers' on Tuesday for sure, maybe before then if we can summon up the energy.

Oops - thats a lot of words, here are those PLO Strategy posts listed... will keep adding to this thread as more posts appear, and also link on the left hand side for easy access.

1) This is a guest article looking at PLO Strategy vs NLHE Strategy...

2) This post looked at hand selection in the early stages of PLO SNG Tournaments

3) Part #1 of the Omaha Sit n Go tournament threads, intro post

4) This one looked at Kill Cards in Omaha Poker Strategy (no chart - You'll have to buy the book!)

5) PLO Cash Game Strategy the subject here - some adjustments to 'extreme' opponents

6) PLO Cash Games again - some thoughts on reading your opponents

7) Another adjusting to opponents in PLO post, some extreme opponents once again.

Thats it for the moment - should be growing at the rate of one PLO post a week from now on!

PS: Mentioned the re-design of SNG Planet a couple of times, this is delayed once again (actually due to me rejecting the new design (oops)) changes from here are minor so should not be too much longer!

Cheers, Mark

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