Saturday, August 04, 2007

PG Poker Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest - #11

Time for the weekly digest again... enjoy!

PG Poker Weekly Sit N Go Strategy / Multi-Table Tournament Strategy Digest #11

1) Sit and Go Strategy Links

First up some interesting news for SNG players concerning Poker Stars data, looks like they have formed a complex 'opt-in only' policy for the tracking sites which may mean no more tournament DB / Sharkscope etc in the future... not a good development, though not sure at this stage whether (or how) such a policy would be enforced... Link Here. Will keep an eye on this one and update here on Plan3t Gong.

Have said again and again here on this blog that the real key to using ICM as part of your Sit N go Strategy is knowing when not to use it!! Of course having a good understanding of the model is a pre-requisite for this... here are some examples from 2+2 with a good deal if deliving into the poker math... Link Here.

3rd 2+2 post... the STT forum there has improved lately with far more debate and less flaming*. This one concerns the area of playing mid-pairs in the mid-blind levels, always a tricky area. It is based on Stars $27 Turbo SNGs but the principles apply to a lot of levels / structures. Link Here.

* comparitively speaking!

2) Multi-Table Tournament Strategy Links

A reader suggestion - this article covers the role of luck in poker, by Grapsfan - a regular contributor over on Pocket 5's - Link Here, actually did a blog post a while back that covered the math of people feeling like they got unlucky in an MTT situation... Online Tournament Strategy - Think You Are Unlucky? looked at the probability of surviving multiple all-ins when you have a dominating hand.

How often do you show your hand? The subject of a (fairly) reasoned discussion over at CardPlayer... personally never - at the low to medium stakes I just do not believe anyone would take enough notice to make this +ev... Link Here.

No debate splits poker players like the Cash vs MTT argument... this P5's thread had some interesting points and is worth a browse. What I just will never understand is why either 'camp' feels the need to feel superior here... comments welcome if you can explain this aspect!! Link Here.

3) Blogs and Misc

A well established blog to link to today, but one I have started following only recently... The SNG Machine covers live and online play (though not many SNGs!) and is exceptionally well written and though out, the kind of poker blog that gets the balance between provoking debate and entertainment just right... Link Here. As an extra bonus - the latest post covers the Cash / MTT argument!

Thats all for this week - plan to have a weekly Omaha Strategy link included starting next week. In the meantime please keep those suggestions coming in - drop me a comment!

GL at the tables, Mark

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Thomas Kennedy said...

The link you provided for $27 Turbo SNGs discussion doesn't appear to work properly. I get a message on 2+2 that reads "There was a problem looking up the post in our database."