Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Quick Thought - Reading Betting Patterns

Extra reason for a quick thought today - the electricity to my apartment block is going off! Some essential repair or another, supposed to be off already and stay that way until 4pm (pan of water ready and waiting on the gas stove - can live without internet but not without a cup of tea!!).

Quick thought on betting patterns (been looking into this for more posts in the future), especially short stacked during SNG / MTT play....

It is often the lack of a bet that is the biggest betting pattern tell of all... not only the usual aggressive opponent suddenly checking a flop, look out for opponents who always continuation bet their draws - and ask yourself exactly why they have checked to you instead on a monotone flop! Think of it this way - if this player does not have a flush why would they want to give you an opportunity to make one?? Could it be trips and looking for a 'safe' turn card? could it be the fact that there are so few turn cards that help you that this is of little concern?

A million examples but a simple question while playing - what hand could my opponent have that he is giving me a free card with?? hmmm.

GL at the tables, Mark

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