Monday, August 20, 2007

Lightning Strikes Me Back To Step 3!

An additional post, a therapuetic one (hopefully!). 10 Minutes ago I was an angry man, I very rarely suffer from anger... irritation yes, anger no.

Go back just over an hour - was feeling good. Had done some work for SNG Planet, had written a couple of articles for clients, had a nice cup of tea and even the news that yet another player had signed up under my trackers... the world, it seemed was a great place to be a part of - so great in fact that I decided that now was the time to have a crack at one of the party step 5's.

Level 1 and 2 saw nothing exciting happen, I raised with a pair of 5's from late position only to fold on the flop - it was a quiet and unassuming start, we get to level 3 and a couple of people have busted... so far so good.

Then the heavens opened... thunder, lightening and sheets of rain outside. My internet connection went. No problem there, the neighbours wireless is always on standby for me!

Next 'booom' and more lightening and my laptop switches off... 10 minutes later it is back on but nothing is working... aargh.... 10 more minutes it is back again and still nothing is working.... stress - emergency plan into action and my other half downloads Party - I get back in...

I now have 930 chips and the BB is just up to 300, it is my big blind - a raise and a re-raise ahead with my 5/2 off suit not even in contention. 8's next hand and lose a flip to AJ... thats back to step 3 for me feeling stressed, dissapointed and angry.

Ah well, evey cloud has a sliver lining - on the 3rd reboot my laptop has remembered that there is more to life than showing a blank windows desktop and is operational once again. Not so sure about those fireworks tonight though!

Cheers for listening (reading!?!) I feel better already!

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