Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is There A Best Online Poker Tournament For You??

Every poker room is different, not just the software and the games on offer - the feel. Over the last few months since cutting back Stars to virtually nothing my main home has been Titan Poker.... within this site there is one nightly tourney that stands out as a personal favourite - the nightly $25k Gtd.

It's a $10+1 entry with rebuy and add-on after the first hour - unlike many poker sites you only rebuy when down to zero chips... so it is not generally the 'all-in fest' of some rebuys. Having said that the hands that some opponents will call big bets with are terrible... you are firmly in 'any ace will do' land for the first 2 hours at least... it is not a bluffers tourney at all - even 4 * bb raises are likely to get 4 or 5 callers!

The reason I like it is it suits my tournament style - I'm tight! Not nitty tight, I'll open a pot happily when nobody else is in, limp those small pairs and suited connectors hoping to hit a flop... but this tourney really suits those who raise for value... they say it is always good to play the opposite of your opponents right? well if they are playing junk I'm going to play solid values.

It is the second hour that I really enjoy - this tourney gets around 1000 entries each night, by the end of the 1st hour we have lost 350ish... by the end of the second hour it is usually down to around 200 players!! With 100 getting paid the bubble comes towards the end of the 3rd and you quickly dwindle to the last few tables during the 4th. Try comparing that with some of the better known rebuy tournaments on bigger sites.

One last thing - there is usually an overlay, this means that the total prize pool is bigger than the amount of entries paid... thats free money to you and me!

Anyway, enough - last night I donked it up in a blind vs blind battle and did not even make the 3rd hour... ah well, another tonight!

Check them out for yourself - Titan Poker - And find out exactly why they are known as the new fishtank! (PS: Deposit bonus = 100% to $500 if you have not already signed up - use bonus code SNGPLANET)

Sorry - not US-Friendly at the current time.

GL in whatever you think the best online poker tournament is!

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