Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Annette 15 Poker Strategy - 500K Win Analysed Part #2

Just finished looking at the rest of the hand history from Annette 15's MTT win in the Full Tilt Poker 500K... excellent learning material. The history and analysis of the first 300 hands are a few posts below this one (with link to the pfx replayer history).

Firstly, a couple of issues with the hand history itself - there are many missing hands, sudden jumps in chip stacks etc, also the final table piece only lasts a few hands - there are still 7 players felt when it ends... oh well, not ideal - but on the positive side we get to see a good variety of late game MTT situations and how Annette-15 handled these... micro stacked, medium / small stacked and big stack play are all included.

Like last time I will note a few things we might learn from this (in no particular order)

- After a disasterous overcall all-in with AJ (must have been a read!) Annette was down to less than 2 big blinds... many of us would have just shoved the first hand here (8-6 off) as it is not so easily dominated. Annette folded and waited, getting in with hands that at least had some showdown value for the next few orbits - and was able to rebuild - never give up!

- Ace-rag hands were again not on the playlist. The only times these were played was when stealing blinds from late position... since many other hands 8/9 and 10/9 were used in exactly the same way we can assume that the hand itself did not matter so much as the chance of taking those blinds. The discipline with the ace-X hands was once again highlighted by the amount of people who busted out of the tournament playing these.

- During the period when Annette had around 10 to 15 big blinds she tightened up a lot, even with 20 BBs the suited connectors which featured heavily in the early stages were folded. First into the pot pairs seemed to be favoured, restealing with 33 at one point and open shoving 88.

- The gap concept is ever present, any opened pot required a very strong hand to contest. Conversely an unopened pot and late position was an invitation to raise... not every time but a good percentage and with some decidedly weak holdings (Q-8 suited for example).

- UTG stealing... well they say that 'UTG is the new button' and Annette raised some weak hands from here while holding a fairly big stack in the closing stages. This included 2/3 off. While holding a big stack the overall aggression level certainly increased... again this was to open pots, there was still no sign of calling raises or reraises in her play. Those times someone re-raised a steal annette quickly gave up .

- Raise sizes - went down from 3BBs to 2.5BBs for the larger (2000+) blind levels. Raises were consistent at this level.

- Showing hands, we see many players showing their hands during the replay - with one notable exception....

Will end with the overall stats for hands won during is tournament... this tells a story of its own.

- Hands Played 534
- Hands won 96 (18%)

Of those hands won...
- 62 (65%) were won pre-flop
- 17 (18%) were won on the flop
- 5 (5%) were won on the turn
- 12 (12%) were won on the river...

The vast majority of hands won either pre-flop or on the flop... compare this to the masses of players (myself included at times!) who get short and need to go to showdown in the hope of a double-up. Yep, can definitely learn a thing or 2 from Annette 15's poker strategy.

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I'm quite fascinated by Annettte's plays. Have been reading her blog.