Friday, July 06, 2007

Took My Own Advice At Last - Farewell Stars (well almost!)

Have mentioned many times here on Plan3t Gong that Poker Stars has become noticably tougher than some of the alternative sites out there these days... well today I finally took action. Cashing out all but $200 which I will save for special tourneys etc.

The facts as I see them are as follows...

Stars is the main site of all of the ranked tournament players, as competition goes it is as tough as they come - the likes of BelowAbove and JohnnyBax playing in the $50 NL and $20+r's!! There are good players down to the $10's out there...

Stars is the home of almost every 'pro' SNG grinder alive... it is getting to the point where the ratio of profitable players to fish is getting out of kilter, sure the SNGs are still beatable with a disciplined approach and good push / fold play. The point for me is why play against others who know how to play when there are plenty of sites out there where 8 out of your 10 opponents do not have a clue!

One thing I will miss is the VIP club and the book collection this has paid for, then again with the extra profits from playing against less skilled opponents there should be no problem simply buying them from amazon.

Yep, I'll stick to Titan Poker where the 'average player' treats KJo as a monster

Feeling good about finally taking action - spent too much time writing about it and not enough time on making it happen!!!

GL at the tables, Mark

PS: Decided to move the weekly digest to Saturdays...


Anonymous said...

If only I could play at Titan! Do you know of any US-friendly sites that are anywhere near as fishy?


Mark said...

Hi Nick,

Tricky question... Titan is excellent (also frustrating at times with the bad calls!). Did take a look at Absolute a while back which could be a candidate.

Other than that it would have to be some of the new smaller sites (players Only?)

Best of luck!