Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pot Limit Omaha Strategy - More Extreme Adjustments

Soon be starting a new series on SNG Strategy Tips - realised that most of the posts here focus on the late game (naturally I guess as this is where most of the thinking player's edge comes from).

New series will look at the early and middle stages - subjects such as getting paid with a monster, pot control and responding to the check-min raise are already drafted (well I say drafted.... scribbled in my trusty notepad!) and will be appearing here over the coming weeks.

Right, today will continue with the weekly pot limit omaha cash game thoughts. Late last night I joined a lower stakes 6-max table than usual over on Titan Poker. Was feeling tired and did not want to play PL100 so gave a PL20 6-max table a go. Some really interesting opponents lead to some strategy adjustments... and eventually leaving with 5 buy-ins rather than one.

Opponent #1 - A friendly and good natured Maniac!

This guy was awsome, when I joined with my $20 max buy-in he already had $140ish... He raised every time pre flop to the maximum and bet pot when checked to on every single flop. Watched him for a couple of rounds wondering if I was at the right table... then noticed that he checked the turn when weak!! Bliss - an ATM who told you when he missed.... picked up a couple of strong draws on the flop and bang, some timely pot bets from position when he checked brought me up a buy in with no showdowns, couple of hands later I was up to around $70 after picking up some made hands. One small setback after flopping KKK against his 10JQA on a K-10-X board... guess I was slightly ahead but the guy hit one of his million outs for the straight!

Anyway - once again the others at the table had not adjusted... one guy lead into him on the flop for a half pot with top set on a drawless flop and then half-potted the turn. Seemed like the opposite of building a pot to me as he was called all the way... all he had to do was check and the guy would have bet pot on the flop to start the process... sigh.

Opponent #2 - The min-bet when strong lady!

Can not recall the hand exactly but something like this... I have low connecting cards 4-5-6-8 or some such hand. Min bet pre and I call, flop comes A-4-3 giving me straight possibilities... opponent min bets and I raise 3/4 the pot (always like to define my hand!!) - insta-called. Ok, looks like I need to make the straight here, turn a blank for me (j?) min bet from opponent again... river gives me 2 small pair... min bet again - 20c to see a $3 pot, worth a call just to get info! Anyway this opponent turns over A-A-x-x for top set... and shows the whole table that she min-bets when strong.

Oh the joy of re-raising almost every pot size bet she made from then on.... fold, fold and folded again. Ah the satisfaction of calling those min-bets with unlikely nut draws (do not recall hitting them but no worries - the odds were in my favour!).

PLO cash games are great fun - guess the thought for today is that it is not so much your cards, it is about watching those opponents and coming up with a plan to beat them... if only they were all as extreme as these ones!!

Cheers, Mark


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

I've run into those min. bet folks as well -- some who rise up and bite you hard on a later round, but several who (like yr lady) just keep on betting the min. as if it were limit or something. Very strange.

I'd like to hear yr thoughts regarding the min.-preflop raiser. An interesting strategy I've seen a lot (& used in different ways -- some seemingly effective, others not).

Mark said...

hmmm, have to have a think - I actually play a very passive pre flop Omaha game. While I am sute it is not optimal in some circumstances I tend to lose the small pots and win giant ones (on Titan at least - did not work so well on Stars). Will reraise pre and will open for the pot from position but generally like to call and take a look at the flop then look to define my hand quickly if I hit.

Saw Belowabove's PokerXFactor vids recently (subsciption required for that one) and he mini raised pre a fair bit, guess it comes down to how easily you can build the pot after the flop vs your current opponents.

Cheers - oh and nice post on the gaming act the other day too!!