Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pot Limit Omaha Sit and Go Tournaments - Part #1 of a new PLO SNG Series

Time for my weekly Pot Limit Omaha post, since PG is primarily SNG and Tournament strategy based I thought that PLO Sit N Goes would be a good candidate for a series (got to be a series! Putting all my thoughts on one post would be more of an essay than a blog entry!!).

Going to start with some differences between PLO and NLHE SNGs and generally introduce the subject area - a weekly post will then follow going through the various stages of PLO Sit and Goes from early game through the bubble up to the heads-up section.

- A really obvious but very significant difference to start with. Omaha uses a Pot-Limit betting structure. You can not 'shove' all-in (unless very short stacked), here is the rub - you can often re-raise all-in during the late stages. This will signifcantly affect late game strategy.

- PLO is primarily a post-flop game, holding 4 cards means you are looking to flop a monster for sure, but you are more likely to flop a moster draw. Compare this to a NL Holdem SNG strategy... this is primarily a pre-flop game, in fact it is entirely a pre-flop game once the average stack is <10BBs

- Hand values are close, there is no huge favourite in Pot Limit Omaha starting hand match-ups before the flop. Calling a raise with a medium-strength holding can be a mistake, but it is rarely going to be a huge mistake pre-flop. Again if you are going to force opponents to make an error this will generally need to be done after the flop.

- Not so immediately obvious but significant none the less is the effect of relative stack sizes compared to the other stacks and to the blinds. Holding a big stack in the late game becomes an even bigger advantage than in a NLHE Sit n Go... why? Well you can see flops while your opponents can not - flat calling pot-sized raises and then putting medium stacked opponents to the test once the flop comes is huge...

Thats the intro - recommend Short-Stacked Shamus' blog 'Hard Boiled Poker' (in blogs list on right) for more PLO strategy insights.

GL in those pot Limit Omaha SNGs

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