Friday, July 27, 2007

PG Poker Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest - #10

Well well, the weekly tournament strategy digest makes double figures... time for number #10, feedback so far has been good (thanks to all who sent a mail / dropped a comment).

One possible improvement could be a couple more suggestions for links from you the readers! I keep an eye on the web for these links by scanning my 5 or 6 favourite sites over the course of the week and following the odd link to a new site... however there are 100's of sites out there that readers are looking at, so if you spot something good on MTT or SNG strategy drop me a line (you'll get credit for the link too!!).

Anyway, on with the digest... as usual links will open in a new window.

Weekly SNG Strategy / Multi-Table Tournament Strategy Digest #10

1) SNG Strategy

Someone over at 2+2 asked a very good question, and thinking it through us SNG players should be concerned... Why is the rake for SNG tournaments so high? If one compares it to the amount of 'processing time' or just general effort the poker sites expend running SNGs then it could easily be lowered... in fact it only takes 1 major site to take the lead and lower their rake to attract far more SNG players, are we suffering from a poker-room cartel?? Link Here!

This next link is really included as a reminder of where the money comes from in SNG poker. A poster at cardplayer was complaining about the fish in the $20 to $30 SNG range and asking how far to move up to leave them behind... but why?... why do people want to leave them behind? (Good bankroll management + solid play + time) = nice profit against 'fish'... its a fact of life out there on the tables folks... if you can not beat your current level moving up to where people 'respect your raises' is a recipie for disaster!!! Link Here.

Back to 2+2 for a discussion on restealing ranges from the BB after a late position (c/o) raise, all about what range to put an 'average' 2.5bb blind stealer on and what hands one might need to reraise all-in here. Link Here (long discussion warning!)

2) Multi-Table Tournament Strategy

First up an interesting insight from Eric Lynch ('Rizen') about adapting to different players at the same table... this article was based on a live experience but could and should happen in online multi-table tournaments too... personally I try to categorise the2 players to my left and 2 to my right first. Link Here .

This is an internal link to a blog post earlier in the week, wanted to include it in the digest to ensure it does not disappear... it concerns the simply amazing achievement of Annette_15 Winning a Stars 4/180 Playing Blind, you'll find a link to the PxF video in the original entry... wonder how many players were actually demoralized by this?

Final multi-table strategy link is from 2+2, this covers playing in the 'Dead Zone', when your stack has dwindled to the point where you have lost fold equity and those dreaded blinds are approaching... I'm sure that this has happened to all of us at some point - interesting discussion from the high-stakes MTT forum on the topic... Link Here.

3) Blogs / Misc

No new blogs to cover this week (come on bloggers - I know you are out there!!). Instead a quick mention for 3 online 'events' that are just about to commence;

Firstly Full Tilt are running FTOPS (Full Tilt Online Poker Series) number 5 with some serious gtdprize pools... the difference this time is that you can win multiple satellite qualifiers and keep the additional entries as cash.... check them out - Here.

Stars have their WCOOP about to get going, many games feature and a total prize pool of $15 Million is gtd...Link Here

Last but not least, Titan Poker are holding a $1 Million Gtd Tourney in early September, SNG satellites and multi-Table qualifiers already underway... just imagine - the prize pool of the sunday million contested by the fish at Titan.... my mouth is already watering in anticipation - Link Here (Please Note: Titan are not currently US-Friendly)

Thats all for this week, GL at the tables - Mark

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