Saturday, July 21, 2007

PG Poker Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest - #9

Time for the next Digest... some interesting links this week including the 'famous' SNG video of RainKahn 24 tabling SNGs.

PG Poker Weekly SNG Strategy / Multi-Table Tournament Strategy Digest #9

1) Single Table Tournament Strategy...

We'll kick straight off with the Rainkahn SNG video this week, after his impressive run in the 2007 WSOP its a popular search at the mo. As I said in a post last week, not too long ago this guy was grinding the Poker Stars 16's... hope for us all! Here is that link: Rainkahn 24 Table Vid

Next a forum thread from Cardplayer... how exactly does one deal with a total calling station in a SNG??? Clue: Do not try and bluff them off their hands! Interesting discussion - no need to get frustrated by these types, keep the pot small until you have a little something and value bet them to death!! Here is the link: Calling Stations!!

Something new in the world of SNGs... Party have created 'Hellcat' Sit and Goes - an interesting twist to these (Hellcat strategy article some time soon here on Plan3t Gong!). The blind levels are 3 minutes... and the payout is for the 3 biggest stacks after 15 minutes when the clock is stopped! Yep, no bubble... hmmm. Here is a thread on 2+2 debating them 2+2 Thread if any non-US players fancy taking a look you could always use this link Party Poker - please report back to Plan3t Gong with your thoughts and experiences!!

2) Multi-Table Tournament Strategy

Not sure how many people are aware, but Poker-x-Factor hand histories can be made public, several online pros have done just that... the following link is in a thread from 2+2 that consolidates a lot of these. The one I though might be of interest to weekly digest readers was by ChessKid1 - he lists no less than 8 full hand history videos - 7 of them are by Annette_15 and one by Rizen - here is the link: Vids

Next over to Poket 5's - thought this was an interesting thread called 'the reality of MTT variance' Link , got to play to win these things - the problem being that doing so reduces ones chances in each tournament, its only a matter of time dear readers!!

Final post could relate to all forms of poker really, it is from the 'poker theory board' over at 2+2, this board can throw up some interesting strategy discussions (and a lot of rubbish too!). This post is on the subject of poker bet sizing - to max profits and minimize losses... Link - after all, we all get the same cards over time, those who bet best win most!

3) Blogs / Misc

Have been popping over to 'The Cloud's' blog on occasion for a while now - but he recently started a 'Diceman Experiment' (for those who have not read the book of the same name it is recommended - by a guy called Luke Rindhart from the 70's). Anyway Cloud is rolling a dice to decide what games to play and at what buy-in level etc... a facsinating read...Link - going to pop this blog in my 'blogs of distinction' list right after posting this!

Finally the Full Tilt Poker FTOPS V is almost here, this is a series of big buy-in events with a final event which boasts a $2 Million prize pool... great thing here is that Full Tilt are allowing people to win multiple satellites - (used to be one each) - anyone skilled in these could make a tidy profit here... did a summary + schedule over at SNG Planet - An FTOPS V Guide + Schedule

Thats all for this week, let me know if you spot anything worthy of inclusion - feedback always appreciated.

Cheers, Mark

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