Friday, July 13, 2007

PG Poker Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest - #8

Time for SNG Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Digest number 8.... a little early as I will not be able to post tomorrow....

Just quickly before we start - see the logo at the top right? The Sit and Go Planet one? well here's an offer for any poker bloggers out there - pop the logo in your blog template (you'll need to send me a quick mail for the code: to ) and you'll get a dedicated post reviewing your blog right here on Plan3t Gong - and I'll add you to the SNG Planet blogroll. Traffic to both sites is growing all the time - this months estimate about 7000 uniques between the 2 (some overlap admittedly, maybe 5 to 8%)... good for you and good for me!

Sit N Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest Number #8

1) Sit N Go Strategy

First up this week a forum post from 2+2 looking at 'In The Money' play when holding a dominatingly large stack - Link Here. Some great discussion to compliment the blog posts I did fairly recently here on this subject relating the the bubble.

Second link is also to 2+2 this time on one of my favourite subjects ICM... Where ICM is Lacking? is a full blown row from a relative SNG newcomer and the 2+2 regs. This is by no means a new thread type... there are 2 points for me that jump out; 1) ICM has its drawbacks for sure, but unless you understand it (your opponents do after all!) then you are not in a strong position to know when to deviate from it... the best players know the maths - they also know when to ingore the maths! 2) ICM with less than 10BB stacks is an unexploitable strategy if you can define opponents ranges accurately, it does not claim to be optimal - just plain old unexploitable... if someone comes up with a better short stack strategy on the bubble then I am all ears!!!

Finally a 3rd 2+2 tread (well I looked all over the forums but these were the 3 most interesting!!) this time on the subject of Bunching Aces... and how this relates to SNG Power Tools (et al) calculations. The concept is that if 5 people have folded 'random hands' then the remainder of hands are more likely to contain aces. Great idea - most push / fold comes short handed so the effect would not be so marked in my humble opinion.

2) Multi Player Tournament Strategy

Over to the forum at for the first link - what exactly does it take to win a large-field online poker tournament (particularly the lower buy-in ones!). Thought that this was a well reasoned debate emphasising both the role of luck and the concept of 'playing to win - no to cash'. Link Here

Next a Pocket 5's double - shame to see a few posts over on p5's going down the same innane slanging match route as many 2+2 posts... hopefully the spotty teenaged oiks responsible will find a new hobby soon and return P5's to the quality resource it usually is!! Oops - went off topic there... first link is an article by Assassinato (whose posts I personally rate highly) on the Downsides of being an Internet Pro. Then a thread from the forums on the Upsides of being an Internet Pro. Well PG poker likes to take a balanced view!

Tried not to post any more 2+2 but not to include this one would be doing readers a dis-service. A long post outlining a 'Framework for poker study' contains some really interesting points about situational factors and post flop play in general in MTTs - Link Here

3) Misc / Blogs

A new blog to mention this week, us SNG players need to watch out - someone is serious about beating the game! Normalcy's Blog covers this learning experience, contains plently of SNG strategy thoughts and is well written to boot!

Thats all for this week - GL at the tables, Mark

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