Saturday, July 07, 2007

PG Poker Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournamanet Strategy Weekly Digest #7

Time for another weekly digest - all the previous digests can be found via the link on the top left of the blog... feedback / suggestions for next weeks listing welcome - drop me a comment!

Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest #7

1) Sit n Go Strategy

First up this week a double link on the subject of playing middle pairs in the middle stages of SNGs - one from the forum at Full Tilt and another over at Pocket Fives. Never easy to play these hands and some good thoughts on both posts... might even do one here on the Plan3t Gong at some point soon.

For those with a bit of time on their hands, and an interest in the ICM of Sit N Go Tournaments, here is a link to an interesting thread on 2+2. Based on an IM Chat by 2+2 'Old Hand' Insty.

Congratulations to Albatross77 on clocking up 10,000 SNGs at a decent ROI. This forum thread on P5s caught my attention as a good discussion of Grinding vs Moving Up Levels. You can read Albatross77's excellent guest article A Winning Turbo SNG Strategy That Is Outside The Box over at SNG Planet.

2) Multi-Table Tournament Strategy

Great discussion over at 2+2 initiated by Ansky - this covers Skills In My Opponents to Fear / Respect. Some interesting insights on what makes a good multi-table tournament player.

With most MTT discussions currently seeming to focus on the WSOP we do back into the archives for the next link - In this one BeLOWaBOVe discusses many hands played during one busy night of online multi table tournaments... P5s Thread Here.

The first of a new 3-part series next, this looks at David Sklansky's 'Poker System' and asks whether this would be suitable for online poker tournaments. Part #2 to follow tests the system out at Stars and Titan Poker... Part #3 will then come up with a version more suitable for online play!

3) Blogs / Misc

Once again no new blog links - come on folks, if you have a quality blog you'd like to share then drop me a comment fast!! Instead some freeroll news from SNG Planet - no less than 32 ways to win a $5k seat in this years Melbourne cup can be found here... Poker Freeroll Satellites

Thats all for this week, GL at the tables!


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Littleacornman said...

Great links as always Mark though I did have to log in and do a search for the Ansky posting as it said I was logged out.
Thanks for posting 'em.