Thursday, July 05, 2007

Omaha Poker Cash Game Strategy - Reading Opponents #1

Spend a fair amount of table time over at the Titan Pot Limit Omaha games these days... 6-max at either PL50 or PL100. Have good notes on many of the regulars there. This post is about what too look for in unknown players - it does not cover everything, just a few thoughts on what to look out for as far as betting patterns go. Will mix in a few more pot limit Omaha Poker Cash Game Strategy posts with the usual SNG / MTT posts over the coming weeks (not too many - maybe once a week).

The first thing I look for (and note) is what hands a player will get all-in with, either on the end or with more cards to come. The main question being how close to the nuts does an opponent need to me to stack-off. The extremes are there all right, some players (like me!) will only ever get all-in with the nuts (or damn close), while others will happily go all the way with 2 pairs... I note this as early as possible.

Next pre-flop aggression (or should this have been first). Again PL Omaha poker cash games feature extremes of players. Some raise almost every hand, while others raise nothing. The very best opponents to look out for are those who raise only hands like AAxx, KKxx or JKQA... especially when they are liable to bulid a big pot with them on most flops. If you spot one of these types it is possible to call their pot-sized pre-flop bet with any pair and most hands that work together... if you hit hard it is payday!

Finally for today I look out for what kind of hands people bet after the flop. Some opponents will bet their draws heavily while others will only bet their made hands. Make a note of who bets what on the flop and it makes playing the turn and river much easier. This includes making a note of opponents who will bet overpairs and 2-pair hands regularly.

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