Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Blog Organisation + Experiment 'Wiggs73' Concluded?!?!

Have done a bit of blog organisation today as the number of articles has grown considerably. The list of articles list is now at the top and contains a good number of my SNG posts (more to go yet - got fed up with the cut / paste).

I have also been through my blogroll... any blog not updated for a month has been removed, also a few that contained no link back to me are gone. Have also put some of the blogs I read most regularly at the top of the list (no offence to anyone else - I enjoy all of the blogs listed else they would not be there!). The removed blogs are in my favourites and will be back on the list if they come back to life...

Always happy to swap links with quality blogs - drop me a comment if you are interested.

Time also to conclude my 'linkbait' experiment from the end of May - regular readers may recall my post attacking Wiggs73 - a moderator from the STT forum over on 2+2. Well, my post may have sounded convincing but was actually only an experiment to see how long it would take to get a link over at 2+2 and too see how much traffic it would bring. The answers were 2 days and several hundred respectively.

Like to take the time to apologise to Wiggs73 - his thoughfull reply to my post and some of the defence over on the forum has lead me to fully accept that he is a decent guy... please show Wiggs some love by visiting his blog at

Now David Sklansky - what a c*%t...

Cheers, Mark

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