Monday, July 16, 2007

Back in Time - Playing SNGs with RaINkAhn

Looking at the 2007 World Series Poekr updates you can not miss the name Hevad Kahn, currently 3rd in chips with 36 to go and apparently dancing each time he wins a pot this guy qualified through poker stars!

If we were to go back to when I started my online poker journey - before travelling the world around 2 years ago - then Hevad Kahn (aka 'Rainkahn') was on every single pokerstars $16 turbo SNG available... and I mean every damn table.

Rainkahn used to 24 table continuously... and win! It created a big fuss at the time over on 2+2 and elsewhere as to whether he was in fact a bot!!! Of course I was one of many that wrote to Stars to check (see a pattern anybody?) but nope, he was real and eventually released a video of himself 24 tabling to prove it.

We shared some time at the $27's too before I travelled - by the time I had come back Rainkahn had improved to the $60s then $109 Turbos and beyond and so disappeared from my radar. Great to see him doing so well in the World Sreies of Poker and let us hope... for the influx of new fish that it will bring... that a Stars qualifier wins!!

So for those making their way up the SNG Ladder at the moment - 2008, 2009 who knows?? Maybe it will be you!!

GL at the tables, Mark


Anonymous said...

Looking at RaiNKhaN's sharkscope numbers, he should probably go back to the 16's. He's on a $92,000 downswing.

Mark said...

Wow, that is a serious loss! Not sure I have seen any bigger that that... hopefully the mn 500k from the final table will go to pay off his dues!

Cheers, Mark