Monday, July 23, 2007

Annette_15 Wins 4/180 SNG on Stars Playing Blind

Just a quicky today - busy once again. Before getting on to Annette_15's incredible achievement a quick 'thanks' to those people dropping me comments for links and maths corrections!! I write these blog posts very fast on busy days and admit being prone to the odd error - keep 'em coming.

Right, here is one incredible link: (registration required)

Annette_15 does not really have much to prove, her tournament record is excellent already. However this win in a pokerstars $4 SNG with 180 players was played without looking at holecards... yep, completely blind. (appearently a quick peek at hand 47 - a pot which Annette lost!).

What an amazing accomplishment... kind of want to give up poker for ever!!

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GL at the tables, Mark

Quick Update: Thinking about it there is a lot we can learn from this hand history video, not only on the power of position, aggression and spotting weakness from opponents but on the type of players that you come across in the 4/180s too... might be worthy of a separate post later in the week time permitting!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark

Was just looking at S&G planet and reading with interest the Slansky system and what happened in practice. Given the exit hands, which I think playing normal poker you would have avoided, I'm intrigued by the ajustments and analysis you mention is coming in part 3. When is part 3 due out ?


Mark said...

Hi Cogsgoigne,

Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed the Sklansky articles. Yes it was a shame to exit with those hands but we wanted to give a true test to the system.

Part #3 is already in draft (along with many other articles) however we are currently working hard on a complete redesign for the SNG Planet site. This should make navigating and using the site easier as more articles are added.

Hope to have it up by the end of the week - however if the redesign takes longer then this will be delayed.

Cheers, Mark

KajaPoker said...

Mark - thanks for the link. As if we didn't feel bad enough, now she had to go and show us she can do it blind. Crap.

Betfair poker player said...

To be honest I had never heard of her before she won the wsop of Europe. I think it gave every poker player the right to think that they a chance to reach such heights.

I was more surprised by her age than the fact she was a woman. I'm 40 and still learning the game.