Thursday, June 07, 2007

Some Thoughts About Multi-Table Tournament Strategy

Couple of recent deep runs in (lower limit ($10 to $30ish)) tourneys... actually feel like I am getting better at these so time for some thoughts here on Plan3t Gong about Online Multi-table Tournament Strategy...

MTT Strategy - Thought #1

Not all Multi Table Tournaments are equal... the 'gap' between the level of play on Stars and Titan (my 2 main 'homes') is getting wider and wider. Sure there are still plently of bad opponents on Stars but Titan is litterally full of them.

Played the Titan Poker $10+Rebuys last night (busted in 45th out of 900 - booooo) decided to make more notes than usual, this included marking good players as well as bad... the ratio was amazing, 6 different tables with many more opponents as people busted and I only marked 2 players as being solid / good. Pretty sure this is the same at many of the smaller sites and networks and seriously thinking about saying goodbye to Stars completely - very soon.

MTT Strategy - Thought #2

Levels of flexibility in your stack size is something mentioned by almost all of the pros on PxF training videos. The thought being that as ones stack dimishes as a proportion of the big blind you loose the felxibility to make certain moves - not dissimilar to Harringtons concept of M but slightly more practical...

<7 BBs - Steals only
<15 BBs - Possible Resteal equity but less effective for blind steals (too much to push and too easy for someone to put you all in if you open raise)
<25 BBs - Flexible enough for both steals and resteals but lacking potential for 4-betting fold equity.
>30BBs - Maximum moves flexibility.

This is of course more complex than outlined - especially as other peoples stack sizes is a very significant factor also - might do a post on the topic another day...

MTT Strategy - Thought #3

Talking to yourself!! A new tactic I have been working on is to articulate my decisions out-loud... this can involve going through all the 'options' or simply justifying your planned action.

Below are some made up examples to illustrate the point:

" I am raising from the C/O with 4-10 off because the button is ultra tight and the blinds both have 8 BB stacks which means they can not play back without a really good hand, which they will not have most of the time..."

"This guy has raised pre-flop for 3 of the last 7 hands, he does not need a great hand to raise and would be crippled by losing a showdown to me. There are 2 people left to act after me so the chances of them having a hand are.... etc etc"

Finding that this helps in a couple of ways; Firstly it forces a pause before acting allowing me to spot any important factors I might have missed... secondly I have to justify the action, if the line is unclear this becomes easily apparent when talking it through.

Not perfected any of the thoughts above as yet - hopefully something for readers to think about though!

GL at those Multi-Table Tournament Tables,



TripJax said...

I like the 3rd one especially. I think if you say it out loud, it forces you to think about it a little more.

Of course your significant other may think you are a little weird, but hey, that's the price of good poker strategy.

Obviously you'd also have to curb that idea for live poker. Can you imagine trying to talk out your reasoning for taking a certain action out loud at a live tournament or home game? Doh!

Rob1606 said...

Ah, you play at Titan, have you tried their jackpot games? I once won four of them in a row but nevertheless managed to lose my bankroll on that site - this was last year, when I understood far less of the game (I hope).

I didn't see it in your old posts, but only had a short look. Came across a post where you could not understand the large number of Dutch visitors. But you must know from visiting Amsterdam that basically all the Dutch speak English ;-)

And only today it was in the Dutch news that there are more and more poker addicts among the 15- to 20-year-olds, so there is a lot of interest in poker - too much for some people...