Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sit N Go Strategy - 20 Ways to Help Define Your Opponents Bubble Call Ranges

More Sit and Go Strategy thoughts today... below are 20 ways in which you can help yourself define the range of hands an opponent will call your all-in shove with in a lower ($30 or less) level SNG.... remember the PG poker maxim:

'You can not define your pushing range without first deciding what range of hands your opponent will call with!'

Sit N Go Strategy - 20 Ways to help define your opponents bubble calling range:

1) Early Game Notes - What is the smallest Ace-X you have seen your opponent play?

2) Buy-in Level of the SNG, set yourself some averages.

3) Your Stack Size

4) Opponents Stach Size

5) How Many Times You Shoved Recently.

6) The Size of the Blinds and Antes Relative to Stacks.

7) Observations on Opponents Tendency to Play Suited Cards or Broadway Cards

8) Previous Results of Opponents (Sharkscope)

9) Variance of Previous Results... Opponent A Gambler?

10) Does Opponent Multi-Table?

11) Has Opponent Called Shoves Light Previously? (Notes etc)

12) Presence of Very Large or Very Small Stacks

13) Payout Struture - Standard, Satellite or something else?

14) Does your Opponent Follow ICM??

15) Perception of Whether Your Opponents Will Burst Bubble For You.

16) Early Game - Does Opponent Defend Their Blinds or Their Button?

17) Table Chat - Any 'Ego Player' Signals?

18) Do Opponents Push All-in A Lot Themselves?

19) Are The Blinds Going to Rise Soon??

20) Have Either You or Opponent Read The Fantastic Sit and Go Strategy Articles Over At Sit and Go Planet??? Why Not!! Check Them out at http://www.sitandgoplanet.com Today!!

GL at the Tables, Mark

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