Friday, June 29, 2007

PG Poker Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest #6

After a short delay here we go with weekly digest number 6 - a little smaller than previous weeks but some worthy inclusions none the less... as usual if anyone spots an article / forum thread / blog that should be included then let me know!

Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest #6

1) Sit n Go Strategy

First up this week a thread SNG Bubble Play - this one comes from 2+2 and debates the pros and cons of taking Marginal +ev Bubble Situations

Next over to P5's this thread discusses the move from SNGs to grinding cash games, includes some interesting thoughts on both forms of the game... SNG Grinders View of Cash Games

2) Multi Player Tournament Strategy

Again P5's, this time one of their featured articles - found this discussion on Rethinking the 3-Bet interesting - potentially useful in the early stages of online mtts.

Alan Schoonmaker is pokers premier psychologist and put together some worthy thoughts on Learning Efficiently, this is actually part 3 - if you click on the 'by author' link then the others are available.

Finally one from Inside Edge magazine - Lou Kreiger looks at The Maths of Jacks (PG poker warning - make sure your pop-up blocker is switched on!!)

3) Blogs / Misc

The Surly Poker Gnome has been running an excellent blog for a while now but managed to better even himself with a post that I feel should be in line for a 'blog post of the year' award (well something like that... sure you get the message) this Link is to the main page - the post in question is from June 15th and is titled - "Where does all the money come from?" read it now!!!

Thats all folks - GL at the tables

Quick PS - Off to Slovakia tomorrow for a quick weekend break so next post on Sunday evening!


Anonymous said...

SNG Grinders View of Cash Games link doesn't work chap.

Mark said...

Hmmm, just tested and worked for me... here is the link without all the new window stuff...

Cheers, Mark