Thursday, June 14, 2007

PG Poker Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest #5

Time for weekly digest number 5 already... time flies but aeroplanes crash - or some such saying. Well without further ado let us get down to the STT Strategy and MTT Strategy links...

Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest #5

1) Sit n Go Strategy

First up this week a discussion from 2+2 which covers the subject of Keeping The Bubble Alive. Questioning whether to keep a mini-stack on 'life support' in order to steal from the medium sized stacks... interesting read and I plan a post covering the subject soon.

Next up a free alternative to Sharkscope called StarTracker - had a look and the results seem accurate over the timeframe specified (not got as long a history as the original). The design and interface could be improved though! Check it out Here

This post on 2+2 also got the old grey matter whirling - concerns a tight small blind min betting into you after calling a raise pre-flop. In my experience these guys fold enough to make a shove profitable... never a clear cut course of action though.

2) Multi Table Tournament Strategy

Since this week saw poker history being made it seems like we have to include news of Phil Hellmuth's 11th World Series Bracelet in the digest... imagine not even noticing $637k!!

Next up is a post that can really apply to many forms of poker but very relevant to MTT Bankroll Management - Prospect Theory is taken away from the world of investing and applied to poker in this excellent P5's thread.

Lastly for the MTT Strategy links is an article looking at the Best Online Poker Freerolls The theme of this SNG Planet piece is that the best online poker freerolls are not (quite) free!!

3) Misc Links

Nothing this week for the misc - want your blog here?? Give me a shout via e-mail and I will put it in!! On the subject of blogs... we have a blogroll over at that is available to anyone with a quality poker blog (content and not just adverts), just require a link back from you and you are in! Check it out by clicking the 'Blogs' link on the main page.

Previous digests can be accessed through the 'list of Plan3t Gong Articles' on the right - hit the jump-off page (oh, except number #4 which is below!)

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