Friday, June 08, 2007

PG Poker Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournamanet Strategy Weekly Digest #4

Straight on with the digest this week - again if you have seen any threads / articles you feel worthy of inclusion then let me know!

Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest #4

1) Sit n Go Strategy

First up this week Chip Ferguson (known online as z32fanatic) walks us through a $110 Pokerstars SNG. This is from the 2+2 Monthly Online Magazine... Interesting commentry throughout, particularly liked the explanations for the tight early play.

Well, higher levels are all well and good but PG Poker likes to cater for all levels of players. To redress the balance here is a $1 Pokerstars SNG from Pocket Fives - amusing at that!

Last for SNG Strategy this week one of mine - this looks at SNG Table Selection by calculating how having other winning SNG players at your table effects your edge.

2) Multi Table Tournament Strategy

Interesting P5's article by Assassinato - Titled 'Equilibrium' this talks about being Clear-Minded At The End of MTTs. Also a personal vewpoint on this with some sound advice in this Thread.

Much has been said on the differences between Tournament and Cash Game Play - this link is to Bluff Magazine where the Psychological Differences are discussed - an interesting read.

Back to P5's for our last MTT Strategy Link - this forum discussion involved a somewhat heated debate involving online pro BRSavage and others... this Long discussion itself contains a link to another interesting thread.

3) Misc Links

Interested in seeing 'Steps Sit n Goes' on Full Tilt Poker? Check the Forums over at Full Tilt Poker under 'News and Promos' on the main page. There is a thread titled 'Vote for Step Sit and Goes...' - 65 votes at the time of writing, about to add mine!

Thats all for this week - links to previous weekly digests now available in the 'List of Plan3t Gong Articles' on the right hand side.... there are plenty more SNG / MTT strategy articles available at ...

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Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I have been enjoying this series a great deal. Also thanks for the tip on Titan Poker, I intend to sign up this weekend.