Monday, June 11, 2007

Free Texas Holdem Lessons on Video - Great Links to Video Holdem Lessons

Seems that there is a proliferation of people making their own free cash game training videos at the moment. Have been browsing a few over the last weeks - some better than others of course. Below are a few of note... my plan is to update this post from time to time when I come across new NL hold em lessons on video... as usual I will make the links open in new window.

Free Poker Training Videos #1 - First up some from KickAss Poker - these links are to a 2-part 6-Max No Limit Holdem Cash Game by a gentleman by the name of Spry.

100NL 6-Max Video 1 - Spry at Kickass

100NL 6-Max Video 2 - Spry at Kickass

Free Poker Training Videos #2 - Next PxF Sub, blogger and all round nice-guy L8Bloomer has put together some video holdem lessons for the micro-stakes players.

Penny Poker Series

Also check out L8's Blog

Free Poker Training Videos #3 - Island Grinder's video of 50NL next, reading this guy's cool blog always makes me want to start travelling again... bah!

Island Grinder's Video

Free Poker Training Videos #4 - Finally a Link to a 'Sticky' over on 2+2 where many more cash game training videos are linked, personally recommend IStrong's series... video links are in the 3rd post down.

2+2 Compendium of Cash Videos

Thats all for today - if you know of any other free poker training videos worthy of inclusion then let me know via comment or mail.

Cheers, Mark

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