Saturday, June 09, 2007

Check-Raising in No Limit Holdem...

Browsing through the excellent 'Pot-Limit and No-Limit Poker' by Reuben and Ciaffone recently and came across some thought provoking pieces.

Check-Raising was one such subject, the following quote came in the context of players who always go for check-raises with their very strong hands (sets and the like).

"...A Check-Raising style shows you are thinking about the game in the wrong way. Your goal in a no-limit game is to win all of your opponents money, not take little pecks.... Big hands are meant to play big pots. Train your sights on your opponents entire stack.... it is faulty thinking to say to yourself 'I have three jacks, so I'm going to make sure I win a little something with them'..."

Of course the check-raise has its place, and indeed this book provides a detailed discussion on good spots to use this powerful weapon. In tournaments when the stacks are relatively shallow check-raising can easily lead to pot-commiting your opponent when you have the goods.

What this did get me thinking about was that in deep stacked play against someone who always goes for the check-raise when strong they would be very easy to exploit - especially when you are aware that when this opponent leads strongly they are more likely to have a medium strength holding than a monster.

Recommend this book, lots of thought provoking material.

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