Thursday, May 03, 2007

SNGs - When to Move Up Limits!

Looking through my bookmarks recently I came across an old Poker Cash Games thread which discusses when to move up from 25NL to 50NL to 100NL etc... a good read still (though probably a little out of date for the 'tougher' poker sites these days). Here is the link if anyone wants a look (right click / open in new window please)

My thought was to try and do something similar for SNGs - so here we go - feedback welcome and always appreciated.

The Plan3t Gong Guide to When to Move Up Levels in Stars Turbo SNGs!

Try the $6.50s When:
- You understand the Gap Concept.
- You can use the advantages of Position.
- You know not to call with easily dominated hands on the Bubble
- You have a bankroll of at least $300

Try the $16s When:
- You can fold KK on an Ace high flop!
- You understand why it is important to conserve chips early, and can fold decent but easily dominated hands to raises pre-flop.
- You understand the basics of ICM / $equity and can put opponents on general push / call ranges
- You have a bankroll of at least $750

Try the $27s When:
- You can spot good resteal opportunities and understand situational factors affecting fold equity.
- You can read hands well enough to put opponents on specific holdings by the river.
- You have memorised common $equity scenarios and can adapt these in play for stack sizes and opponents pushing / calling ranges.
- You have a bankroll of at least $1300

Try the $60's When:
- You are able to manipulate the size of the pot to suit your position / holding / reads.
- You are able to lay down that unimproved overpair on the flop yet push a good draw depending on opponent(s)
- You have a great understanding of the maths (ICM), an accurate assessment of ranges and know when situations happen that mean disregarding these numbers for optimal play.
- You have a bankroll of at least $3000

Ah well, have to stop here as the $60's are as high as I go! Open invitation for the higher stakes players to continue....

These are specific to Stars but can be used for the other sites too... suggest moving down one level for weaker sites such as Titan (ie play at the $33's there would be closer to the Stars $16s).

GL at the tables,



Rob1606 said...

Very interesting post. Regarding $16, I already qualify for #1 and #2, but am less sure about #3. However, bankroll-wise, I do not even qualify for $6.50 SNGs, so I guess I'll stick to my lower level for the time being ($5.50 at Pacific, bankroll $150).

You write about *Turbo* SNGs, is that deliberate? Are the levels different for regular SNGs? I don't know how long a level takes in SNGs or Turbo SNGs at Stars since I don't play there (yet?), but I prefer to play regular-speed tournaments since I have the idea that it is more a matter of skill and less of luck to do well in them.

Mark said...

Hi Rob,

Sure there is a skill difference between regular and turbo SNGs, especially in post flop play.

Multi-tablers choose turbo's as you can get more games in per hour which makes up for the slightly lower ROI.

Often said here on PG Poker before it is as much a style difference as anything.

I play the Turbo's as my mathematical and situational understanding gives me a huge edge at the bubble... over time those +$ev decisions add up to real money, multiply this by 6 tables at an average of 30 minutes (including bustouts early) and that is where the $$$ comes from. While my postflop play is OK multitabling makes this more difficult - I more or less play to keep decisions as simple as possible!!

GL with growing that BR!

Cheers, Mark

MrTynKyn said...

Hi Mark :
Always reading , lees posting but Im here every day . Dont feel alone plz.
Cause my english is a bit poor , can you explain this in others words ?
¨You are able to lay down that unimproved overpair on the flop yet push a good draw depending on opponent(s)¨
Thanks a lot

Mark said...

Hi Mr TynKin - Good to hear from you again!

I guess the meaning relates to post-flop skills, playing opponents and flops instead of your cards. Can be difficult to lay down QQ on a J high flop but with certain flops / opponents and betting patterns it can be a good move... not sure i am quite good enough yet!!

Cheers, Mark