Sunday, May 13, 2007

Serious Amount of Promotions Going on....

Seems like every poker site and his dog are having promotions at the moment. Figured I'd do a quick summary for Plan3t Gong readers... one caveat - anyone winning a decent prize in any of these owes me a drink (JD on ice will do just fine!!).

Firstly Pocket 5's have changed ownership (a joint venture or something like that) and are giving away a ton of seats in big buy-in events via overlay tournaments, we are talking 30k added here so not to be sniffed at! Here are 2 for next week...

1) Full Tilt: Wednesday May 16th - 20:30 Eastern Standard Time... its a $24+2 Sat to the FTOPS Main Event... the bonus is that 10 extra seats will be added (nice $5350 overlay in addition to the main prize pool). Password is 'fives'.

Check out Full Tilt via the link below - this is a PAW Tracker and gets you additional entry into a $12k World Series Freeroll in addition to the normal $600 sign up bonus!

2) Poker Stars - Wednesday May 16th at 14:30 EST - Pocket Fives are holding a $1 rebuy tournament with 30 Sunday Million Seats available... at $215 a pop thats a nice overlay. Again the password is fives... link for Stars on the right hand side if you are the only person left who is not yet a member!!

Poker Stars 10 Billionth Hand Promotion has also started... lots of giveaways here too... first here is the link...

Now the summary:

- Reload bonus of 25% up to $150 (if you play there anyway its more or less free money!).
- Freerolls with entry via trivia quizzes (not had a look yet but can not be that hard).
- $250K added to the Sunday Million (next sunday I believe)
- Cash Prizes for being in 'milestone' hands inc huge prizes for hand no 10 Billion.
- Double FPPs (you only need a couple of 1000 for a book for example).

finally Titan are giving away a holiday in the Maldives... complete with a butler, I mention Titan often enough (non-US only here) so will simply direct you to them via the banner on the right hand side.

Back to SNG Strategy next week!

Cheers, Mark

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