Thursday, May 24, 2007

Poker Stars 4/180 10/180 20/180 Strategy and an Alternative View Of SNG ICM

Really happy to be announcing the latest articles over on SNG Planet. These cover Strategy for the Pokerstars 180's and a great article on 'thinking outside the box' concerning poker ICM...

First the Sit n Go Bubble Strategy... this is a guest Article by Albatross77, a big winning SNG player on PokerStars. His posts on Pocket5's are thoughtful and his results speak for themselves... this article looks at making seemingly negative $ev calls sooner rather than slightly positive pushes later that will actually do you little good - a must read for any thinking SNG player.

When To Ignore ICM - SNG Strategy thats 'Outside the Box'

Secondly a 2-part (of an eventual 3) is by me! These articles cover the 180 Man SNGs at Poker Stars. The first part looks at some facts and figures for these (ROI / Blinds / Timings etc) and the second part covers what to expect at the different blind levels and outlines 20/180, 10/180 and 4/180 strategy... the final part will follow next week and cover the mathematics for the final table.

Star 180 SNGs - Facts and Figures

Star 180 SNGs - Strategy Guide

If you have ideas or insights into any area of SNGs, MTTs or Satellites and would like to contribute to SNG Planet then drop me a line to

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KajaPoker said...

Mark, this is great timing. I just started a personal 180SNG challenge and then ran into this blog post. Can't wait for part three. Thanks.