Monday, May 21, 2007

Poker Hand Reading - Reading Poker Hands Forwards or Backwards??

Usual quick Monday post again... something to think about on the subject of reading your opponents hands... do you do this 'forwards' or 'backwards'??

What do I mean???

Well you could start with your opponents range pre-flop and then remove hands as the hand continues right... so pre-flop player X's range is 88+ AJ+ and KQ from position XYZ. The flop comes 2-7-10 rainbow and he check calls, which means we can take away AJ / AQ / KQ... and so on throughout the hand.

Working backwards involves looking at the hands that beat you on the river and then reviewing your opponents betting through the hand to see if this makes sense for those hands. At the river you are beaten by a set but can beat 1 pair hands including AK and KQ.... if your opponent had a set it would have been on the flop (as this was K high) - was his betting consistant with that holding?? Would he have check-called a pair below Kings to see what you do on the turn?? etc etc

Of course accurate hand reading is probably a combination of these approaches (with a few more tricks thrown in!). Something to think about though!

Cheers, Mark

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