Thursday, May 31, 2007

PG Poker Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournamanet Strategy Weekly Digest #3

3rd weekly SNG / MTT digest a day earlier than usual this week... I am off to Amsterdam early tomorrow morning and have decided not to take my laptop (regular readers will already know I am a fan of taking regular 'poker breaks' - this one will be complete with no books either!). Back Tuesday and promise to catch up on some of the promised posts...

May looks like being the best month yet for visitors to this blog - 100 or more most weekdays (80ish+ at weekends / holidays) and around 1.5 page views per visit... feel a little humbled by this number so thanks to each and every reader!!

On a separate topic I saw this morning that a push-fold chart based on Karlson-Sklanksky ranges is being sold for $100 on donkit poker... ridiculous! I have some charts in draft but have not worked on them for a while - this was just the spur I needed to get them done and publish them for free... probably take another week after I get back as they will need to be checked and re-checked for accuracy etc.

OK, will add the links to the first 2 digests at the end of the post (another thing to do - get this blog a bit better organised!!). So on with the digest...

Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest #3

Sit n Go Strategy Section.

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A Post over on 2+2 caught my eye, this discusses the Kelly Criterion for SNGs , very mathematical, this is basically a statistical look at bankroll management based on Kelly's gambling theories of how much you can 'safely' stake and not go broke. Recommended for advanced / mathematically minded SNG players.

This one is from cardplayer and discusses playing AK Early in SNGs, lots of different viewpoints ranging from flat call to push... I'm with the SPRStoner perspective on this one and shoving - there are already 240 chips in the pot and winning them immediately is no bad thing!

At first view the next post seems trivial... someone at 2+2 asking whether they should Fold KK pre-flop, on a separate level this post got me thinking about what criteria (if any) could make me consider folding KK pre in a SNG... the answer is the bubble and then only in extreme circumstances. Based on the Stars $6.50s

Did a couple of new articles for SNG Planet - small delay with the techies mean they are not up yet (bah!). Promised to be there today though so will link anyway, one looks at the resteal in MTTs but the one to link here looks at 1 Table SNG Satellites focusing on strategy adjustments vs 'standard' SNGs.

Multi Table Tournament Strategy

The link here is to a Cardplayer article by one of my favourite poker writers... Rizen looks at Building A Pot when you flop a hidden monster in a multi table tournament setting, as usual Rizen provides much food for tought rather than spelling out exactly what to do.

Next is a link to a new 2+2 Board... personally feel that having an 'invitation only' High Stakes MTT board only increases the 2+2 clique and helps alienate newbies... however it is 'news' in the Multi Table Tournament world so will include it here.

Final link in the MTT section is from Pocket 5's - a poster asked What do the top players have that most don't? kicking off an interesting discussion - includes contributions from a couple of the 'top players'.

Misc Strategy Articles / Blogs

Was browsing blogs the other night and noticed that Kevin from 640 SNGs has made recordings of all of his SNGs - regardless of outcome - not had the chance to look at any of them yet but will include the link here out of pure respect for doing this! 640 SNGs. Plan to have a look at them when I return from the 'Dam.


Well thats all folks - would love to make this digest a little more interactive, if you see something that is worthy of inclusion (even if it is your own blog!) then drop me a comment or a mail.

GL at the tables,


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