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PG Poker Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest #2

Time for weekly digest number 2... this is a collection of links to quality articles and interesting forum threads covering Sit n Go Strategy topics and Multi Table Online Poker Tournament Strategy too... have made some changes since digest#1 to reflect reader feedback (did not realise you need to pay for the PxF forum so removed those links now - and used the traditional blue URL Links).

First of all here is a link to the first digest -

Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest #2

1) Sit n Go Strategy Section.

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This week saw the posting of a Hand History from a Stars $55+5 on P5's by poker pro 'Jennifear', it contained some rather 'interesting' thoughts and kicked off a huge debate... check it out here. It was shortly dicovered by the 2+2 crowd who ripped into it like a pack of wolves... see 2+2's 'Friendly Response'. Great mix of education and entertainment across both posts!

Next a 2+2 Thread started by Davd Sklansky (Theory of Poker Author) this one asked the question How Would Phil Ivey Do? Referring to the $200 Level SNGs on Stars vs the regulars / ICM experts there - some thoughtful responses about the ability to adapt...

Back to Pocket 5's for a thread discussing lower limit SNG play ($6,50) started by someone making the standard 'Donk Bubble Callers Hurt Me!' complaint but actually turned into an interesting debate. Ties in very well with the SNG Planet Article by Albatross77 on an Alternative View of Bubble ICM posted yesterday.

2) Multi Table Tournament Strategy

Another 2+2 thread nicely bridges our 2 main topics... questioning Howard Lederer's suggestion that SNGs Make Good Preparation for MTT Final Tables , sure they are not a perfect match - can anyone think of anything better though??

Interesting article at Bluff Magazine next, taking a mathematical approach to Playing Against Your Opponents Entire Range. A little complex in places but an excellent read none the less.

This SNG Planet article looks at the increasingly popular passtime of 'Railbirding' and suggests ways in which this can be used as part of your Online Tournament Learning Strategy.

3) Misc Strategy Articles / Blogs

Just the one link in this section this week - an article at Cardplayer by Eric Lynch (Rizen) this one looks at bankroll management looking at the effect of your Emotional Bankroll in addition to your physical one.


As before please feel free to send any suggestions for the digest - drop me a comment below or mail to (special e-mail address that I use for online posting, its already full of spam so more does not hurt!!).

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