Friday, May 18, 2007

PG Poker Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest #1

Had an idea for a weekly digest of the best articles and forum posts from around the web... so here is the first 'PG Poker Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest!'. The idea is simple, I scan many forums each week - 2+2, P5s, CardPlayer and PFX being the main ones. Big fan of blogs too so will note any particularly interesting blog posts here.

Every now and then an interesting post comes up on SNGs, MTTs etc what I'll be doing is saving them up and once a week posting here in weekly digest form... each link will open in a new window for easy navigation. If you do not want a new window then right click instead (think this works anyway!). If you spot anything that is worthy of inclusion (including your own blogs!) then drop me a comment or a mail and it can go in next week.

Right, enough talk - on with the first digest!

Sit n Go Strategy / Online Tournament Strategy Weekly Digest #1

1) Sit n Go Strategy Links

Does Your Arrogance Hurt Your Results? Interesting Discussion on 2+2 about table selection and playing against other winning players.

P5s Thread: Table Selection in Turbo SNGs Interesting discussion kicked off by 'Albotross77' A Big-Winning SNG Grinder.

Exploiting being CL: Short-handed high blinds Reshoves w/o Fold Equity
About exploiting siutuations where you are chip leader and a short stack is all-in (2+2)

Oops - Someone Does Not Understand ICM very well... Lesson from P5's about why you should not be repopping the big stack at the bubble with QQ (stack sizes + 'does my opponent understand...' Issues!)

Strategy Article - A Primer For Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better SNGs Looks at how to beat the PLO8 SNGs on Stars.

2) Multi-Player Poker Tournament Strategy Links (MTTs)

Defending Your Blind Against a Habitual Button Raiser Actually involves a double shootout but an interesting debate none the less. (CardPlayer)

Getting in the WSOP Mindset: Hand 2 Analysis of a hand from last years main event, concens playing 10 10 Out Of Position (2+2)

Playing Suited Connectors Out of Position 2+2 Discussion on those tricky suited connectors.

Beginners Guide to ROI and Bankroll Management in Multi Table Tournaments Another SNG Planet Article on the important subject of BR Management in MTTs.

3) Blogs and General Articles

Ace Filled Dreams Follow Scott's SNG Challenge in this excellent blog.

Down With The Sickness Online Pro and PXF Video Star bel0wab0ve's Blog - looks good so far!

Risk vs Reward in Early Tournament Play By Todd Arnold for CardPlayer Magazine.

Thats all for digest #1 - let me know if this is any use...

GL at the Tables,


Later Edit: Thanks to some user feedback I have become aware that the PxF links require paying to register - have removed those links as the point of the digest is free info!


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