Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A More Personal Plan3t Gong?

No strategy today, feel that PG Poker is becoming a little impersonal, 'dry' may be a better word. Today then I will redress this with 10 things you never knew about your PG Poker host! Back to strategy tomorrow!!

1) I have a somewhat 'compex' familiy background, my parents having 5 divorces between them (1 shared!) and the potential for more marriages on both sides... my father is a university professor (was actually brought up by a stepdad - a now retired board member of Vodafone) and my mother's current partner is an ex-forumla 1 driver (nope - not going to tell you which one!!).

2) My first degree was in Psychology, when I realised how useless this was I did a postgrad in Project Management.

3) I find it difficult to answer the question 'where in England are you from?' Was born in Northampton but moved away as a baby - then spent the next 20 years moving around all the time! Usually just say the south coast as that is where most of the familiy are....

4) I am engaged to a beautiful Hungarian lady - we met when I summoned her into my office to explain why there were 'issues' with recruitment, she was then the manager of a branch of Adecco who were looking after much of the recruitment for the IBM service centre I was project managing the setup of at the time. If someone had told me a few years ago I'd end up in Budapest planning to marry a local I'd probably have laughed... funny how life works out!!

5) I have an IQ of 137, which to my mind proves only that I am good at completing IQ tests, more important is my annoying habit of questioning everything - if someone states a 'fact' I'm the first to request their sources and consider vested interests.

6) The name Plan3t Gong poker comes from a name I used in the late 80's while writing fiction for (paper based!) fanzines... writing as 'Mark from the Planet Gong' was in turn inspired by an early 70's progressive / jazz / Psychedelic band I liked at the time called Gong... now I'm 36 and prefer more mainstream tunes!

7) I currently live on the main 'Korut' (erm, road) in the centre of Budapest. Our balcony overlooks an accident blackspot - at least 9 crashes in the 11 months we have been here, a couple looked serious, happy to report no fatalities though!

8) For 10 years I played bass guitar in many bands ranging from funk to rock to pop... I was a sought after musician for a good few years with more offers to play than it was possible to handle... never made it big though!

9) I'm a complete caffine addict, smoke far too much. drink a couple of bottles of JD a week and never suffer from hangovers (hehe)!!

10) Travel is a real passion, have been all over the world both on business and for pleasure. My favourite countries are Thailand and Loas (with a shout in there for Honduras) and favourite Euopean city is Amsterdam (going there next weekend in fact!). I'm a qualified diver and love anywhere with coral reefs!

Thanks for allowing me to indulge!



Rob1606 said...

Nice post, thanks for sharing. I am actually in a similar position as you, I also moved to another country for a woman. The difference is that I have already married her by now :-)

In the end I did not wait for your step 6 strategy post, but went ahead and played it after qualifying tonight. I made it to third place! Some of the plays were quite incredible (as in: not smart), I get the feeling that most players get there by qualifying.

You wrote that if the opposition was too soft, top players would be buying in directly, but I think the prize structure is quite unappealing to them. Third place gives a net profit of $200 and only the top 2 get a decent payout (from the perspective of somebody who buys in for $500 and not for $3 like I did :-) ).

Generally it was incredibly easy to progress through the various steps. Sure I got some good cards, but the players really did not seem to be so great. Did you try some steps recently? Maybe I just got lucky...

Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Told you before I liked Gong, too. A bit goofy at times, but fun stuff. Of the Canterbury crowd, I prefer Camel (esp. The Snow Goose & Moonmadness), but my all-time fave is Soft Machine (esp. Third). R. Wyatt's solo stuff is all pretty brilliant, too.

Littleacornman said...

About time.I'm sure I tagged you ages ago :-))

Mark said...

Cheers guys... feel coming 'out' concerning my past dodgy musical taste is a weight off my mind!!

The late 80's / Early 90's bring back memories of so many now defunct yet great bands... anyone from the UK remember 'Poisoned Electric Head' ?? 'Dr Phibes and the house of wax equations' ? How about the 'Magic Mushroom Band' or the Moonflowers?? Ah well probably going too obscure now!!

Cheers, Mark