Friday, May 11, 2007

General Life 'n' Poker Update

Again several strategy posts in a row... so a small general update today.

Firstly thanks for the positive comments / feedback, always appreciated - I always enjoy and argument / debate if anyone disagrees with my thoughts too!! Keith asked how I find the time... the answer is that I am really a speed blogger! (ok so you can probably tell from all the typo's) once an idea comes I just sit and - bang - its all on the page in 10 minutes!

Had a decent run in the Titan Poker $20k Gtd this week, alas no final tables but managed a 30th and a 15th on consecutive days. It is a great tourney, a $10 rebuy with 900ish entrants - you can only rebuy when you go broke though so not too expensive. The thing about this is the speed in which the donks knock each other out... generally down to 600ish by the end of the rebuy hour and then 200ish by the end of the 2nd hour - crazy stuff!

Been doing ok at $50 NL 8-max too - easily above $10 per table hour. Feel like I am overcoming my biggest leaks here... these come from SNG play - was far too tight. Now getting used to playing that pair of 8's or AQ from EP where I would normally open fold them at low blind levels in a SNG... all good so far, suited connectors fast becoming my favourite hand.

Was thinking of having a look at the ICM for Party Poker Steps next... in the meantime here is a link to an article I put together for Sit and Go Planet - it asks the question whether it is possible to be a Professional Online Satellite Player...

GL at the tables,


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