Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why are 'Average' Online Poker Players 'Average'??

Another note-worthy thread on 2+2... this time in the 'Poker Theory' section. The original poster asks What keeps the average player from moving up the ranks? The responses are wide-ranging (and as usual with 2+2 some well thought thorough / insightful while others are less than useless!).

Here is a list of some of the points made in the replies:

1) Ego
2) Tilt
3) Bad or no Table Selection
4) Playing without Rakeback
5) No Bonus-whoring plan
6) Not using Pokertracker to find your leaks
7) Losing sight of the need for constant education and improvement
8) Discipline
9) Inability to Fold mediochre hands
10) Inability to Raise those same mediochre hands
11) Not raising enough
12) Calling raises too often
13) Bluff raising pre-flop, or calling re-raise and making a move on the flop too often
14) Not understanding reverse implied odds
15) Bluffing the unbluffable fish
16) Buy in too short
17) Promote themselves too quicly to high stakes after a winning run
18) Not Folding Enough
19) Not playing at a specific weak site...
20) Table selection across multiple sites.

Food for thought here - ranging from the general to the specific. Table Selection, Tilt and Ego all feature heavily in addition to various in-play leaks.

Got to say I am guilty of some of the above, slowly learned to leave Stars alone during the week (especially European early evening when the US 'Pros' have just come on line but the US liesure players have not). While table selection has been a theme here for a long time it could certainly be improved for me.

Anyway, an interesting list - feel free to drop me a mail or a comment if you would like to add more to this or expand on some that are already there...

GL at the tables, Mark


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

An interesting list. Reminds me of one that Barry Greenstein includes in his Ace on the River where he compiles twenty-five "Traits of Winning Poker Players." Some are predictable ("Intelligent," "Fearless," "Motivated"); some perhaps less so ("Empathetic," "Trustworthy," "The ones with a good sense of humor"). And, of course, several describe qualities that wouldn't be thought as positive away from the table ("Insensitive," "Greedy," "Self-centered").

steviep said...

good post.
some interesting thoughts

Yorkshire Pudding said...

As always, another top post.

I think one of the biggest on the list is ego. When we're winning we often do so by making mathematically wrong decisions that go right for us so we think we are Phil Ivey! Regardless of if you win or lose you really need to keep your feet on the floor and review sessions and look for missed spots and key hands.

Amatay said...

mmmmm interesting list. What is reverse implied odds again?? lol nice blog btw. I've linked you up m8

L8Bloomer said...

I would add "inability to fold to large bets." I always think big bets are bluffs.