Friday, April 27, 2007

Update - Vietnamise Players

Well Poker Stars came back to say that there is no issue with the players from Ho Chi Minh city. All good there then....

This issue was discussed on many forums - wanted to clear up one argument that appeared again and again... racism.

To me this argument was easy to say, weak and not well thought through. The fact that the city in question was Asian was not the reason for peoples suspicions - it was the disporportionate number of players from such a city playing the same games (after all how many Ho Chi Minh residents do you see in your favourite site / levels??), the similarity of the Ids used and the fact that these players never appeared on the same table as others from the same place yet were on line 24 hours a day...

If the same thing happened with players from, i don't know - Colchester (a small and extremely unremarkable town somewhere in eastern England) then we'd also be suspicious right? In fact this is the opposite of racism... patterns of play that look strange should be reported regardless of the colour / race of the place of origin!

I believe that it is up to us players to ensure that our games are as fair as possible (along with the poker sites own software of course). If this means asking Stars' support about 5 card draw players from Kiev or SNG players from Vietnam then I'm going to do it every time.... every single time. If I'm wrong 10 times in a row but spot something else that does not look right then that e-mail will get sent!!

Anyhow, pleased that there is no foul play involved here...

GL at the Tables,


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