Friday, April 13, 2007

SNG Strategy Tips - An Interesting Isolation Play

Playing at Poker Stars the other day and I came across an interesting play from an opponent (a 2+2 regular). This move was good enough to be labelled as a SNG Strategy Tip!!

Can not recall what level (playing a mix of 16s to 35s) here is what happened...

My BB with a 2000 stack, blinds 400/200 with ante 25 - we are 4 handed and the guy in question has most of the chips (7000ish). The UTG player just lost a pot and is now all in for his last 390 chips.... button folds and the big stack shoves from the SB.

Can not even recall my hand here, I am obviously only calling with aces, and quickly folded. The interesting thing was that the SB Big stack turned over 74 off!

Thinking it through this was an excellent move. Assuming I fold from the BB with anything less than AA he was putting 200 into the pot to win 890 - thats a healthy 4.5/1...! He only needed 22% winning chances against the UTGs random hand and actually had 35%ish.

The other great aspect to this move was that if he lost then he still has the big stack at the bubble against 3 medium / small stacks and can continue to push us all around...

One more caveat that made this move possible - he needed to know that I understood the bubble (or at the very least I was tight enough to fold all but the best hands). The point here is that this might not work at the very lowest level / against the very worst opponents.

Really nice move and I will certainly be looking out for similar situations in the future!!

GL at the tables,


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United113 said...

i read an article on just this type of play, two people called the low all in and this other guy pushed all in. the two others folded leaving loads in the pot for great pot odds. The guy had 43off and the short stack had 22 so was a 50 50