Monday, April 30, 2007

Linkage + Here Comes May!!

Will start with highlighting a new link in my 'Blogs of Distinction List' - came across Secrets of the Amateurs ( by accident yesterday and wanted to draw it to P Gong readers attention as a real gem... interesting and nicely written posts, hand history links to PXF and obvious thought about the game... check out the article titled 'Looking at the Stars' from 1st April - seems I am not the only one wondering why people play against good opposition (ie Stars) when there are so many weaker sites out there!

Right, As regular readers may know April started off badly for me and was compounded by getting the thought stuck in my head that this was a write-off month... I did the decent thing and pretty much stopped playing and have curtailed my losses to about $300 which is not too bad.

May will be different - here are a couple of plans.

- Withdraw all but $800ish from Stars, want to have enough in there to play Satellites and the odd SNG at the weekends.

- Find a new home where I can get RB and / or clear a decent bonus (Mansion current favourite). At least half my play will be at Titan

- Be more disciplined in my approach, no mixing games and formats - no 12 tabling when tired, no 'just half an hour of 2-7 triple draw'. SNGs + Sats for the main bankroll feeder, MTTs a couple of nights a week as time permits and cash games (NLHE and PLO but not at the same time!) for a change when the SNG grind starts to wear.

Got a real good feeling for May, oh and a good pipeline of article ideas for Planet Gong too... including some push / fold SNG charts I am putting together on excel.

GL at the Tables,


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Game101 said...

Nice post. i really like your blog, if i were a sng playa i would live here... unfortunately i can't stand them :)

GL in May, April started badly for me also, but i turned it around. I'm looking forward to a much better month in May