Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Joy of Variance - Some Positive Action

Variance... its horrible. Despite my best efforts this month my bankroll has taken a hit to the tune of some $400 this month... started off playing just fine - no bad beat stories here on Plan3t gong but it has certainly felt like everything that could go wrong has done! Did not seem to matter whether I was 60/40 70/30 or even 80/20 favorite when the chips went in - actually recall a couple of 90/10%ers after the flop too!!

Never mind - it happens to us all. What differentiates people is the ability to take action!!! After noticing that my game was getting tight / passive as a result I have decided on the following elaborate plan.

To stop playing.

Only for a few days though.

Oh, and I will still be thinking.

And still posting here.

And learning from forums / articles / books and any other sources of information.

In fact the only change at all will be to not play - simple but brilliant. Variance is a fact of life for us poker players - I refuse to let it get me down, after all each of those beats had the potential to get me into a good situation to go deep in an MTT or win a nice SNG prize!

Will use the time to catch up with some part #2's here at Plan3t Gong - 'checking through' while at the bubble springs to mind, have a feeling there are a couple of others too.

GL at the tables,



Scott said...

hey mark,
Thanks for the comment I am going to be posting soon... I have not given up and am grinding out $5 SnG's and when I win enough profit for two 16 DS for the $650 I play them the last two I played did not fill up and I ended out on the bubble of the final table both times. Both times it was KK vs AXs.

Brian said...

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