Monday, April 23, 2007

Interesting Link... iRockPoker

Was going to work on a 'pushing over limpers' SNG Strategy article today but time is not on my side.... so instead a link to someone else's articles - there are only a few, but I thought they were really well written... The site / blog is called iRock Poker and belongs to a (very) high stakes NL cash game player (right click / open in new window).

The best of them all is called - 'Never rely on a bad player to make a good play' and looks at 'telling a story' through a hand in a logical format, loved the comparison of lower stakes players to 'picture books' !!!

One more link, someone came up with an excellent idea for a Sunday Million Satellite - hopefully Stars will implement this one (Poker Room Management Team did reply) so that I can write a strategy article on it!

GL at the tables,


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Keith Jackson said...

Mark - Thaks for the links You post pretty regularly on your blog so if time beat you this time no worries. Thanks you for such an infrmative blog. Have a good un!!