Monday, April 02, 2007

Good LAGs and Bad LAGs...

Another gem from No Limit Holdem: Theory and Practice that I have already put to good use at the tables... concerns LAGs (Loose Aggressive Players).

Now the LAG style is something that the forums suggest many cash game players are striving for as a profitable way of playing. Pick up lots of small pots while at the same time disguise hands so that you can get paid off big with premuims... sounds ideal (if not really my natural game).

The gem from T and P was how to differentiate people playing a strong LAG game from the donkeys who raise too many hands as they do not know any better! Its simple, look for errors in big pots.

The concept here is that thinking LAGs make many raises and reraises with mediochre cards - but these are on the early betting rounds when the money is small compared to the depth of the stacks. However, when the pots get very big the thinking players have the goods while the loose donks do not... so watch for 'big pot' mistakes.

Once you see them being made you should be more inclined to isolate with good but not great hands and play more pots in position. You range can widen since you have greater implied odds. Conversely against a thinking LAG you do not have the implied odds as often and need to tighten up some.

Actually put this to good use on the Titan Poker PLO tables already. Of course implied odds are less important in SNG play as stack conservation is paramount.

GL at the tables,



Yorkshire Pudding said...

So many people, especially at micro and low stakes, think they are LAG but are infact just maniacs or fish. A true LAG is deadly to play against, just wish I could play it naturally!

David said...

very interesting blog Mark - some thought behind it which is most unusual.

was directed to this blog by my mate Graham who has just started his own

ed burger