Thursday, April 19, 2007

General Update - Strong Pound and Titan Freeroll Bonanza

Thinking about the recent news that the British Pound has reached 20ish year highs against the US Dollar. What effect does this have on poker players??

Well to start with our bankrolls just got smaller - even after recent cashouts I have over $5k online - if we take a 5% rise over recent months it is basically like someone reached in and took themselves $250!! Bah!

Never mind - the effect can be looked at another way too - the buy-ins are getting cheaper! In fact for both Brits and Europeans playing (for example) at the 50c/$1 level could be easily likened in real terms to US players at half of this when overall currency strength is taken into account. (Note: we are not actually any better off in the real world because of this - prices in the UK are usually double that in the US!).

A strange thought.

Titan Poker have announced a 'Spring Freeroll Bonanza' that I wanted to mention - most of this cash is aimed at the higher level cash game players ($5/$10 to $2/$4) but tournament players also get a chance... well the top 400 at least. Details below, have been spending most of my time at Titan as the standard of play is about a million miles from Pokerstars right now!! Details below...

$100,000 Freeroll for Top Tournament Players

We're staging a Tournament Bonanza $100,000 Freeroll on May 26, 2007, geared for our Top Tournament Players. Play in one of the following tournaments and you'll earn promotion points. The 400 Top Tournament players with the most promotion points at the end of our Spring Bonanza Promotion will play in the Tournament Bonanza $100,000 Freeroll .

Friday $50,000 Guaranteed
$20,000 GP Freezeout, held Saturdays
$100,000 Guaranteed, held Sundays
$15,000 GP Re-buy, held daily at 19:45 BST

Promotion points for Tournament Play

Participation = 2 Points
Finish Places 50-41 = 5 points
Finish Places 40-31 = 8 points
Finish Places 30-21 = 11 points
Finish Places 20-11 = 15 points
Finish Places 10-5 = 20 points
Finish Places 4-1 = 30 points

The 400 Top Tournament players with the most promotion points will play in the Tournament Bonanza $100,000 Freeroll .

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