Thursday, April 05, 2007

Extreme Strategy Adjustment in PLO!

Wanted to do a more general update today as the last few days have all been conceptual(ish) type posts. Then last night, while playing some $50 PLO at Titan and interesting situation came up...

The table was 6-max and soon what could only be described as a mainiac of maniacs joined. Now Omaha gets a fair share of raise every hand pre / bet pot on any flop types - but this guy was amazing!!! He followed up with a pot on the turn and another on the river... every time.

After picking up pot after pot after pot he went from $50 to about $120 very quickly, still no let up... there were a couple of additional factors to note. If raised he would usually call a small bet but check / fold the next street with nothing, if raised pre flop he would usually mini-reraise but shut down if he missed the flop.

Now I love cheap flops in PLO but none were available - so time for some serious strategy adjustments. Being seated to the maniacs left was an advangage here but it was a case of going into calling mode with 'reasonable' holdings, playing the kind of hands that would not be good enough for a raise in themselves but good enough to hit a flop hard on the odd occasion, think A6Q9 single suited to the A for example.

This meant throwing away a lot of draws after the pot bet on the flop but all worked out on the couple of occasions a flop hit me hard... after that it was a matter of calling the flop and turn pot bets and reraising on the river of required to get the last $ in. All good and a tidy profit for me when the guy eventually went broke.

Now here is what genuinely suprised me... out of the 6 player table nobody else made the correct adjustments, not a single one!! They were limping pre flop then folding to the raise, they were reraising the pot sized bet on the flop with the nuts (full houses etc) and causing the maniac to shut down... it was horrible!

Guess the lesson we can learn from this extreme example is to think through the adjustments needed against an extreme opponent and then stick to your plan. Guess this kind of example illustrates why we make money playing the beautiful game!!

Back to SNGs shortly!

GL at the tables,


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Short-Stacked Shamus said...

I have seen very similar scenarios play out at the PLO25 and 50 tables where I've been hanging out here lately. On a few occasions I've seen the maniac adjust very well to others' adjustments, too -- tightening up considerably after others have finally started playing back the way they should. It does create an interesting dynamic, particularly at those short-handed tables.