Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Evolution of the Poker Economy - Link

A 2+2 Thread in the 'Poker Theory' board caught my attention the other day. Here is the link (right click / open in new window please).

The basic idea is that the online poker economy is evolving through various stages, dictated by the number of good players vs newbies and the shifting balance between them. Will leave you to draw your own conclusions but certainly an interesting idea... my one thought is that it is difficult to draw conclusions about the poker economy as a whole - the 'stage' at which Stars SNGs and Titan Poker SNGs are at (just one example) are not even close!

The usual 'Comedy of Errors' mention (whenever the mentions go off of the page the sign-ups more or less stop!). I wrote this eBook to get Plan3t Gong off of the ground when it was first regularly running... the book contains a (lengthy) look at SNGs from the perspective of what mistakes your opponents will make and how to exploit them - feedback has (thankfully!) been very good so grab yourself a copy today. Plan3t Gong has a zero-spam policy (i.e. I will never sell or share your e-mail address).

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PS: Thanks for the blog lists sent so far - if anyone else wants to send their 'blogs of note' for a new website please see the post below entitled 'Calling Poker Bloggers...'/

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