Sunday, April 01, 2007

End of Another Month...

Well that was quick, April here already. Time for another end of month review. Will keep the numbers part short, its been an ok month but not a great one yet again + $1650 on Stars and + $300 on Titan for a respectable - but not exceptional + $1950. Should take into account playing far less than usual due to 11 days of holiday but still....

Now I wanted to get some results in perspective a little. I seem to end each month with a positive balance yet feel a little dissapointed - a 'could have done better' feeling. But hang on - at least 90% of online poker players lose money over time right!! Should really be happy that we are not a member of that particular group!

Probably comes from the last weeks attempts at MTTs.... PG Poker has a 'no bad beat story' policy so let me tell you about all these guys at my tables holding big slimy wet fish... yep they were lurking around every corner, waiting for me to make a move, resteal or sometimes just have the cheek to enter a pot and 'Thwack' - Mark gets a big wet fish slap. Big blinds with KK sized fish-slaps, button raisers with AK fish slapping away, my stop&go called by a fish-wielder with nothing more than a gutshot... ;o)

So last night myself and Mrs Mftpg had a 'few' 'small' drinks and decided after being fish-slapped all over both the Titan and Stars MTT tables that it was time for revenge in the form of some turbo sats.

We considered the issue with fish-slappers to originate from these things called 'cards' that were somehow affecting my game and wanted to eliminate this irritating factor from the tables. So once per round we picked a likely looking spot, covered the cards and as long as nobody raised ahead simply shoved our any-2 'blind'.

It worked too! What started as a bit of drunken fun forced me to think more about who was not going to me playing back from their blinds... of course its normal to think of this but it is also normal to hesitate when you see 82 off suit and wait for something better. Covering the cards is definitely the way forward - won both seats too!

Ok, plans for April. Play more SNGs (not too many in March in comparison previous months) and more Satellites. Win an MTT or 3. Focus on plugging leaks more (actually said I would do a 'personal development plan' in Jan but never did...).

Blog plans are to write some more great articles!! I wanted to put a 'mechanical strategy' together at some point that factors in the current SNG climate out there (F-train's and the old 2+2 one are now well past their sell-by-dates). Was also thinking of looking at some specific hands / situations (playing AK springs to mind). Always open to reader suggestions for new subject areas.

Anyway, GL at those tables



Anonymous said...

Hey man wanted to thank you for your article on the duoble shootouts... ALthough I have not won a seat yet I have played two and FT'd both. I am having an issue adjusting play from the first to second table. I think part of it was both times I was the last table to finish after a grueling 20-40 min heads up match...

F-Badger said...


I am extremely impressed with your blog and especially your sng articles. I think you have did very well at trying to explain ICM in a basic format so that people new to the game can understand.

I also think that you are kidding yourself if you think that your book is only aimed at <$20 players. I point all my friends to this site when they wanjt advice and i reckon it works up to $100 easy.

I have a good percentage roi at $200 games on stars and crypto and still find some of your stuff useful to my game.

I have added a link to your blog on mine and would appriciate if you could link back.

Cheers Graham