Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another ICM Article...

Seems that ICM for Sit and Go Tournaments is the flavour of the month for April, below is a link to another article - this time at Pocket 5's (right click / open in new window please!)

This one is by Jennifear and is nicely put together with the main points covered. There are just a couple of caveats for me;

- The intro mentions the dimishing value of chips in terms of $ev but does not really say why this is the case. An example with numbers and a mention of the prize pool ratios could have helped here.

- Does mention the fact that you can push more into people who understand ICM but the example given (a $20+2) SNG does not tie in with this too well - opponents understanding is not a cut and dried issue... there are degrees of this and bubble calling ranges to assign that go with it. No way you can push 15 hands in a row in a $22 and not get called by a single opponent!!

Anyhow - these are minor - a very good article for anyone wanting to improve their bubble play.

If you are new to Plan3t Gong then ICM is one of my regular topics - there is a 'jump off' page listing several ICM articles to the right under 'Plan3t Gong Articles'.

Off to the in-laws today down in Southern Hungary for a weekend of not being able to speak to anybody (no English down there... hmmm). Still the eating and drinking will be good!!

Have an article in plan about river bet sizing in SNGs - will hopefully get it finished on Sunday.

GL at the tables,


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