Monday, April 30, 2007

Alternative Poker Dictionary - Part #1

Seems that every few minutes a new Poker Term gets thought up - here is part one of the Plan3t Gong Alternative Poker Dictionary (please let me know your suggestions for more via comments or e-mail to

Donkament - Similar to a tournament but full of, erm, should we be nice and say 'less experienced' opponents? Ok Then the honest version - an MTT full of Donks!

Pushbot - Found mainly in SNGs this describes a playing style with 2 actions only, fold or raise all-in. While frustrating to opponents this style can actually be +ev when used correctly.

Rebuy-Nut - You've seen them in rebuy tournaments right? Push any 2 cards, lose and rebuy + repeat until a big stack appears... profitable strategy over time?? Hmmm.

Doomswitched - Irrational fear that a poker site has clicked a button that somehow causes you to lose. Great rationalisation for losing players!

Jokerstars / Riverstars - Common decription used by losing Poker Stars players when that river card completes an opponents unlikely backdoor straight.

Starting Hand Police - You've seen them I'm sure, these types put most of the chips into a pot when already drawing dead and then type 'great call pre-flop' into the chat box...

Fish List - A list of opponents who regularly donate money kept by winning players. Seat and table selection is then made on a basis of this list.

Implied Tilt Odds - The extra 'value' you get from making a slightly negative expectation call if this would cause your opponent to tilt and spew off the remainder of their chips on the occasions when you hit.

Short-Stack Ninja - A player able to keep alive in a tournament by nursing a small stack, usually playing pushbot style, and then eventually getting that big hand to get back in the game/

Bonus Whore / Freeroll Whore - Someone who goes from site to site clearing bonuses playing tight and straightforward poker. Freeroll Whores are different again, often specialising in 3000 player MTTs with $100 prize pools!

Lagtard - A player who used the LAG (Loose Aggressive) style in a less than optimal way, good lags have a hand when the big money goes in, Lagtards can be found bluffing their entire stack with 7-high.

Value Town / Value City - When value betting an opponent on the end of a hand you can be said to be 'taking them to value town'. Especially relevant when you know the player is dumb enough to call a big bet.

Sklansky Dollars - The money you would have won due to your 'perfect' play had your donkey opponent not rivered that 2-outer!

Ship-It - Common exclamation after winning a big pot... ship me those chips - Holla.

Cash-Out Curse - Lost money after cashing out from a poker site? Its not due to bad play at all - the cash-out curse has struck! Excuse mostly used by losing players who get lucky in a Donkament and then expect to win each time they play.

Donkbet - Usually describes an out of context overbet, really any bet that bears no relation to how the hand was played up to now... for example the kind of bet that would only ever be called by a better hand.

Part #2 to follow as soon as we have some more, send 'em over.

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Gnome said...

A donkbet can also be described as an out of position bet into the previous street's raiser. For example, if I raise preflop and get called by the big blind, and then he leads into me, I consider that a donkbet. Or I would say someone "donkbet the turn" if he suddenly bets out unexpectedly into a raiser.

DrunkenMonk said...

This is an amazing blog and I am well not worthy to comment here, but...I have come across something I call the "SugarDaddy". Mainly relating to cash games. Someone of probably wealthy decent who buys in for the maximum, and manages too quickly double up through shere luck. He then manages to double or triple up the short stacks no matter what his cards, through the belief that he is the Daddy. Thats so sweet when that happens.

Mark said...

Thanks guys - and keep 'em coming.

Thanks also for the kind words drunkenmonk... no sure I ever had my rabmblings described as worthy before!!

Will set up links in my blogroll later.

Cheers, Mark