Friday, March 23, 2007

Marathon WSOP Qualifier Satellite and some more PLO

Has been a great days pokerage! Managed to clock up another $650 in W$ on after a marathon Double Shootout to the WSOP Qualifier MTT over on PokerStars (will sell them via DMMikkel 's blog (link on right)). Have played many Double Shootouts before but these are generally the Turbo DS to the Sunday Million - quick blinds and 4 seats paid when full. The WSOP 2007 Qualifier Satellite DS was a different matter... 4 hours long! Not even sure I would have joined had I realised...

There was just 1 $650 seat up for grabs for the 49 entrants. Table I was a lesson in dealing with donks... really they were so oblivious to anything except the 2 cards in front of them it was painful to watch... no need to worry about what they are thinking I think they have etc. Loosened up as described in the earlier articles - usually 54s would be a clear fold for me in a SNG - nice to flop and open ender and turn the straight though - even nicer for someone to give me their stack with top pair... heads up was fun, played position, kept the pots small and waited for a monster - came in the form of a ten high flush and my opponent duly paid me off with an overpair.

It was more than an hour before table 2 got going... started off tight all round. Funny but after just a couple of rounds it was easy to see who was experienced and who was new. Used my 5 free sharkscope searches at 6 left and found 4 winning players - hmmm. Got aces at BB50 in EP and doubled through a guy who flopped top pair with KQ, had my KK cracked by JJ at BB100 when I reraised the button all in from the small blind... flopped the nut flush with AQs and stacked some guy with a pair of sevens - then turned on the aggression (for me at least) when 5 handed...

Down to 3 we had fairly even stacks with me 1000 ahead with 5600ish. Some stealing and restealing got me to about 7k when one guy had a blow up check raising the other one all in with a missed J10 - daft in the extreme as the raiser had trips... heads up was again fun (should note that my opponent played the 200-300 level SNGs according to Sharkscope which was a little worrying). He had a tendancy to check his good hands and bet bad ones which allowed me to come over the top with some good but not great hands, often betting 400 on the flop and then checking the turn with strong holdings... slowplaying turned out to be his downfall when he slowplayed AA soooo slowly that I was able to catch a small straight and tip the balance in my favour. with a 12000 to 3000 chip lead I went into small pot mode and rivered a flush at the same time as my opponent rivered top pair to finish things off... 4 hours of concentrating and then the buzz of a nice win was too much for me so I went to do the washing up to settle down!!!

Also had a nice morning session of Pot Limit Omaha over at Titan Poker. Decided I would have a crack at the 1/2 blinds ($200 buy-in). Actually felt I played much better at this level, making some good folds and being careful with those AAxx hands unless it was possible to get more than half my chips in before the flop. Managed to win about $400 over 3 tables in 2 hours (unfortunately gave back $100 early evening at 50c/1 and 25c/50c - hey nobody is perfect!).

Good luck at the tables!



MrTynKyn said...

Interesting analyzes on DS on Stars .
Well done Mark !!

Mark said...

Thankyou Mr TynKin - Mrs mftpg was happy with the result the Kitchen afterwards that is!!

Cheers, Mark